Kelly's Teaching Style

Connect to your body with mindful, science-backed tools in each class

  • Kelly's classes are powerful, healing and rejuvenating. She creates a unique experience for each person to feel connected to their bodies and to explore the beautiful balance between self-challenge and self-compassion.

  • Each class weaves breath, awareness, and subtle feeling into each pose. Students are encouraged and supported to work exactly where they are in the moment.

  • Kelly's classes are inviting and challenging for all levels, She weaves personalized anatomy wisdom, deep awareness and healing breathwork into every class and private lesson, while offering personalized modifications that students can take into their daily life and other yoga practices.

Training & Credentials

  • Kelly is a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher with a background rich in Forrest Yoga, Yoga Bodywork & Anatomy, as well extensive training in Mindfulness, Energy healing and personal coaching.